Corporate Film: How to Show The World Your Value

Corporate Film: Ideas Jumping out of the page

Corporate Film: Demonstrating Your Value Proposition It’s not very often that I begin a blog post by invoking the wisdom contained within a Boyzone song. But why not? Here it is; my top advice for your corporate film: ‘You say it best, when you say nothing at all’ (NB – Sorry to Alison Krauss who actually wrote that song, but … Read More

Social Media Video Strategy: God and Mammon

Social Media Video Strategies and the Church

I’m getting increasingly involved in working in with the public sector in Yorkshire and Churches in the Harrogate and Leeds area to try and build their ‘core businesses’ by using social media video. I’ve used social media video strategies in the Harrogate area  on a number of occasions recently with a good degree of success.  I want to relate to a … Read More

Christmas Drone Buying Guide

Christmas Drone Buying Guide

I don’t know if youv’e heard, but it’s Christmas soon. Considering buying a drone for you loved one? This is my Christmas drone buying guide for the DJI drone range. You need it because, frankly, if I were you I couldn’t be arsed to work out the difference between the models, so I thought, let’s keep this real and give … Read More

Chronicling Cancer

Colour grade washed out

Here’s a link to the film I’m going to write about here. I’ve done a bit of work recently with Yorkshire Cancer Research. I made them an event video of the Selby Three Swans Sportive back in September and after that I was looking for another project to do, both to expand my portfolio and also to do something with … Read More

4 Tips on Costing Your Business Video

Take a look at this video – it’s half a days work for reference. The headline: video content is possible on most budgets, the key variable is the amount of different places you want to show because this has the most impact on time spent. 1) Most freelancers, will charge between £250 for a ‘short day’ to £450 for a … Read More

Aerial Video: A Comprehensive Guide For The Uninitiated

DJI Inspire 2 for Aerial Video production

Aerial Video: Doing The Homework I run Radar Film  a professional video production company in North Yorkshire. We cover clients all over the country, including Leeds, Harrogate, and further afield. One of the services we offer is ‘white label’ aerial video. This is an article about the legal and technical considerations of making aerial video. It is designed as a … Read More

So what’s RADAR all about?

DJI Inspire 2 for Aerial Video production

RADAR is my brainchild. It’s a videography business based around the use of drones aimed at the ‘whole’ market in drone videography. Why is that I hear you ask? The reason is this: The market is awash with professional operators who take pictures of building sites and make maps. I’m willing and capable of doing that, but it will be … Read More