4 Tips on Costing Your Business Video

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4 Tips on Costing Your Business Video

Take a look at this video – it’s half a days work for reference.

The headline: video content is possible on most budgets, the key variable is the amount of different places you want to show because this has the most impact on time spent.

1) Most freelancers, will charge between £250 for a ‘short day’ to £450 for a day of their time. (I only charge £450 for drone shoots in higher risk scenarios) What you really need to know is what you want to achieve by the end of it, and have a frank conversation at the outset.

2) There is no such thing as half a day; it’s more like a ‘short’ day, but you can get quite a lot done in a short day and if you want something simple and eye catching without sound this might be a good starting point for you. You can always build on it later. The video above is a ‘short days work’.

3) A full day – that would basically equate to about 4 hours of shooting, 4 hours of editing in one location, and would probably give you enough time to do some voice over assuming you know what you are going to say and don’t get all shy / develop bronchitis.

4) Pre production – depending on the job you might want to consider pre production costs too. I’m working with a big company to produce a corporate video aligned to a communications strategy. On the other hand I’ve just done a banner video for an optician for £100. It all depends on what you want.

Hope that helps a bit! Of course everyone charges different rates, and info graphics and animations are a whole different ball game…but give us a call if you want to talk more about your project.

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