We can now travel to you and help you establish a truly professional quality live event. 

Live Streaming Support for Businesses

Whether you need to Livestream a clinical study, a sales conference, a gospel choir or a product launch we can help you.

Over the last year we’ve seen substantial growth of our Livestreaming service, in various areas of business. We’ve worked closely with Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical services and Inspired Usability to help them to continue to run remote user studies on new types of injection devices, during the pandemic. We’ve also expanded our technical abilities to make it easier to contribute to remote conferences, with professional lighting and dual channel audio installed on our Sony FX9 camera, using our other cameras as secondary feeds to make your live stream feel fully professional, look great and sound amazing too. Here’s an example, used with kind permission to give you an idea:

We can film and live stream your event, study or meeting using multiple cameras in high definition (depending on your internet connection). By positioning cameras around the room and using a variety of microphones it is possible to capture all the critical angles and data from your event. Furthermore we can take advantage of all our lighting and sound kit, to make your event look truly professional.

Using our kit and experience, we’ve streamed a variety of events to clients as far away as Oxford and Japan from Leeds and Harrogate.

Live Streaming: How it Works

We use a ‘switcher’ which converts the HDMI signals produced by our cameras into a single stream which then is converted into a webcam signal.

The switcher plugs in to our laptop and we then connect to your platform and stream the event. Most times we’ve live streamed using Microsoft Teams, but we have also streamed to Youtube. It’s possible to stream to any platform which permits it.

It’s highly portable and we can come to you. The set up time is pretty quick and we get to take advantage of all the benefits our camera kit has to offer, such as fantastic audio quality, reliable autofocus and professional broadcast standard image quality (If you haven’t noticed, we’ve produced TV ads and footage for TV production for a while). If you’ve got an event, hit the ‘got a project’ button and we’ll talk it over.

It is possible for us to insert still images into the stream and switch camera angles in live time. This means that if you are running an event and you need some changeover time, you can insert a slide or photo whilst the changeover takes place.

We can also use a radio microphone, and a camera attached microphone to feed in high quality, clear audio so that we can fully capture what’s happening. In situations where lighting is difficult we have that covered too, with high powered video lights usually used in film and video production. Gone are the days of sounding like a Dalek in a metal portaloo.

Live Broadcasting Support

Live Streaming: What You Need

  1. A strong internet connection with good quality WiFi
  2. A platform like Youtube (We have used MS Teams a lot too & it works really well)
  3. To have activated and verified your platform for streaming 
  4. To have obtained a ‘stream key’ – (we can help you with this, if needed)

Live Streaming SPORTS EVENTS

Using wireless technology it is possible for us to use roving and static cameras in our livestreaming set up. This is perfect for live streaming events where the action is dynamic. Here’s an example of a live stream at Doncaster Rovers we conducted in 2021, to bring the action of a Youth Football Tournament to the front rooms of the parents, from all over the country.

Live Streaming events and gigs

Got an event with live music you need to stream? No problem – we can connect your sound system to our cameras using 1 of the 4 channels we have available to us and transmit in studio quality to whichever platform you want to use. Either that, or we can bring our own sound recordist to capture the live sound and independently mix it for us. It’s up to you!

In the example above, we continuously streamed 3 camera angles of Gospel music for 4 hours in Leeds.


What we do:

We produce video content on behalf businesses, agencies and TV production companies in the Leeds and Yorkshire area from the air and the ground. We work for national brands and small businesses. We are fully licensed by the CAA to fly drones. We create corporate, social media and TV advertising assets as well as photography.

Our Mission is…
…to create financial or social prosperity through the use of video while having fun.

How we do this:

  • By listening to what you need and challenging what you think your value is
  • By getting you to think deeply about who you are and who your clients think you are
  • By doing the right thing
  • By encouraging our people
  • By buying our equipment from local shops and encouraging the use of local talent
  • By turning up on time and doing what we are asked to, professionally and safely.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.