Corporate and Business Video 

Video for businesses, agencies and TV; shot on the ground or in the air. Made with love in Yorkshire. 

Corporate film production

 Radar Film creates a range of corporate film and social media videos for a various applications. Take a look at the two examples above and below this paragraph to see two completely different corporate film examples;

 The Ice Co Film represents 3 solid weeks of work, shooting drone video and ground video all over the country. The output was a longer than ‘usual’ corporate film which was designed specifically for screening at a conference, and then in face to face situations with their business development team. The drive behind this video was to showcase the family values of the business alongside it’s scale. The video also features strong use of animation and infographics which we created along with our partners at Emerald Grove Studio

The M+T Haylage Video below is an example of a film with a very different feel to it. Micheal and Tom run a farm which exports specialist horse feed all over the world. In the post Brexit conundrum of trade, they wanted a corporate film which would position their business as one driven by expertise and a passion for farming. 

corporate film: our approach

Corporate Film can take a variety of different forms – above you’ll see an example of a traditional and clean looking corporate video, for Yorkshire based ‘Clad’ – a workwear and PPE company. Clad wanted a video which spoke of their values and their history in time for their 30th anniversary and this is the result! 

Below is another completely different type of corporate film. This one features only moving images and music. S.Evans & Sons Ltd did not particularly want to have interviews and talking heads involved in their video. They simply wanted something which looked professional and showed their high profile project in Scunthorpe at British Steel off in its best light. The result of this was an explosive film which  featured in the success of the explosive contractors win at the ‘World Demolition Awards’ in 2019.

corporate Video: Testimonials

Above is an example of a Corporate ‘Talking Head’ video. Shot with two cameras and a concealed radio microphone, Jenny talks clearly about the benefits she has enjoyed with our client  – Set The Tone Fitness. Testimonial videos are a powerful way of advocating the value of your brand to new potential customers

It’s widely accepted that most people will quite happily watch a video, but find it difficult to focus on reading text. The attention span of most social media consumers is typically pretty short because of how users interact with it – on the move or whilst doing something else.  For that reason we usually create a couple of versions of any video we make.

Below is the ‘social’ version of the video interview above. Saved from the cutting room floor, we found parts of the interview which could be used in such a way as to draw the viewer in, by posing a question or making a bold statement to the viewer which would generate interest in the product. It’s also subtitled because most social videos are watched silently, whilst the viewer is supposed to be doing something else!

corporate film: TV Too?


Have you ever thought about using the TV to advertise? With Radar Film it is possible to create broadcast quality and broadcast cleared video which could be used on the TV in ‘Video on Demand’ services such as the ITV hub. TV advertising is not what it used to be! It’s cheaper, better and more accessible to all businesses, whether you are a local gym or a windows manufacturer.

 We usually include a social media video edit in all our projects. We know that businesses want to share their videos in a variety of ways, and so we usually create a short edit of longer films for deployment.


What we do:

We produce video content on behalf businesses, agencies and TV production companies in the Leeds and Yorkshire area from the air and the ground. We work for national brands and small businesses. We are fully licensed by the CAA to fly drones. We create corporate, social media and TV advertising assets as well as photography.

Our Mission is…
…to create financial or social prosperity through the use of video while having fun.

How we do this:

  • By listening to what you need and challenging what you think your value is
  • By getting you to think deeply about who you are and who your clients think you are
  • By doing the right thing
  • By encouraging our people
  • By buying our equipment from local shops and encouraging the use of local talent
  • By turning up on time and doing what we are asked to, professionally and safely.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.