A Video Production Company With a Difference

Radar film is a Harrogate and Leeds based professional video production company making film from the air or ground. Or Both.

Radar Film creates corporate video, explainer videos, event video and social media video!  We provide drone video (aka aerial video) and combine that with general professional video content too. We do it all. Our customers include multi national corporations, tech consultancies and national brands, churches, not for profit organisations and charities.  Working with us is highly cost effective because we include aerial videography and social media video as a standard inclusion on all projects. Based in the Harrogate and Leeds area of Yorkshire, we are a go anywhere do anything type of outfit.

Work With Us ?

If you are looking for professional video production company you have come to the right place. Take a look at some of our work. We work across the full spectrum of video tasks. This could be filming a speech or an event, video editing in Premiere Pro or it could be producing a short original feature.

We have a transparent price structure highlighted in our blog, and you can get an idea of cost and what you might need in order to achieve your desired outcome

We are currently producing a range of corporate films in the Leeds and Harrogate area for a very broad range of clients including, Scottish and Southern Energy Networks, Quarterdeck- a leadership training firm, a crossfit gym as well as a medical physics consultancy and a Church.

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Our Approach

Production company focussing on video and film production

We network with a range of local partners and agencies to keep our overheads minimal and conversations are always free; we are always happy to give advice out – just contact us.

Professional Aerial Videography

Professional aerial videography is included as a standard option in all our proposals. Its not extra. It’ a core function. We use state of the art drone technology to produce stunning aerial video, making drone footage something affordable and achievable within your existing budget – it is not extra.

Just drop us a line and we’ll get straight back to you.




It’s not about drones. It’s about seeing things differently.

Radar Film provides captivating content shot from the air or the ground. We offer exceptional quality material and drone footage is included in our price. Don’t pay extra! Whether your’e a TV company, a marketing agency or an independent film maker. We’re here to collaborate with you.