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Radar Film is a video production company near Leeds in North Yorkshire. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we create professional corporate video Leeds businesses will be proud of. We also produce TV advertising and get hired to shoot for prime-time TV documentaries. We can provide drone video services in-house and we support other creative agencies in the wider Yorkshire area too on a ‘white label’ basis. Radar Film specialise in producing inspiring videos that will captivate viewers. We engage right from the outset and can handle conceptual development, casting, pre-production and script writing, right through high-end videography and post-production. Each element is carefully considered for a perfect result.

Our video production services span a wide variety of formats, from event videos and content for social media to explainer videos and aerial view content. Radar Film has worked with a number of multi-national corporations, including the WYG Group Plc, Sharpsmart UK, The Ice Co., and Birdseye. We also work with smaller tech consultancies, charities and not-for-profit organisations to develop bespoke video content that spreads the right message. Plus, when you work with us, you gain drone video and social media video footage as a standard inclusion for all projects, making it a cost-effective way of creating content for your business.


Our innovative team will work closely with you to create the perfect video for your project that’s cost-effective and impactful. The best video content allows your audience to identify with your brand. We make videos that are both professional and accessible, ensuring that it hits the mark every time. We want you to achieve your goals and our video production services are an effective way to do just that. Once we’ve fleshed out the concept and schedule with you, the fun really begins in bringing your story to life. It’s where we can use our skills and experience to add a voice and narrative to your ideas, handling the whole process from start to finish.

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Digital video has become one of the most cost-effective ways of communicating to a wider audience. It’s also the best way of capturing the imagination and attention of customers, both existing and potential, and getting your point across successfully. Whether you want to boost awareness of a product or cause, educate consumers about a new service or capture an event to ensure the memories last a lifetime, we can help. Our primary objective is to craft videos that add value, whether that’s to our community, to marketing campaigns or to large corporations who want to gain further exposure.


We are a go anywhere, do anything type of outfit – we’re fanatical about taking on new challenges, so whatever idea you have, we’re open to helping you make it a reality. Each of our videos is bespoke and customised to meet the clients’ personal requirements for unique media that you won’t find anywhere else. And while we primarily work with businesses in the North of England, we are also happy to collaborate with companies further afield. If you’re seeking a video production company that pushes boundaries and delivers powerful videos, Radar Film ensures content that leaves a lasting impression.

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Media Production: How Our Process Works

Our work generates a return on your investment very quickly, because our video production process is guided by the answer to three key questions;

Why do you want a video? Who is it going to be viewed by? Where do you want to put it?; The answers to them guide the whole video production process and decide duration, style and content. But don’t worry if the answers to these questions aren’t actually obvious to you; we know our customers act on instinct a lot of the time. The most important part of the process is actually understanding your objectives, and it’s during pre production meeting that we’ll get into your thought process. Take a read of our blog post about visualising your value proposition, if your’e interested in exploring these concepts further.

In 2018 our videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times, shared hundreds and generated enquiries for our customers. But it’s not because of us alone; it’s because of how we work together. Take a look at some of our work. We produce everything from simple project videos, to complex corporate projects.

Take a look at our packages if you want some inspiration, or your’e not sure how to approach your project.

We are currently producing a range of corporate films for very broad range of clients including, Scottish and Southern Energy Networks, Birdseye and others!

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Video Production: About Our Costs and Returns

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Video production is not a cheap process, but we also understand that sometimes businesses want a responsive, professional service quickly. We’ve developed a range of packages to cater for this need, so please have a browse. When it comes to more complex projects, the costs are determined by the level of staffing required on the shoot. To an extent these can be managed carefully. Rest assured though that we’ve produced video in a range of budgets; from fast turnaround social media video to complex corporate video, we have produced it all; Want to chat? just contact us.

Video Production: Drone Video

Drone video is everywhere isn’t it? Drone video is included as a standard option in all our proposals. It’ a core function of Radar Film. We use state of the art drone technology to produce stunning aerial video, making drone footage something affordable and achievable within your existing budget – it is not extra. We’ve shot in the air all over the UK and also in the EU.

Interested in learning more about our drone video capabilities? Give us a shout.




It’s not about drones. It’s about seeing things differently.

Radar Film provides captivating content shot from the air or the ground. We offer exceptional quality material and drone footage is included in our price. Don’t pay extra! Whether your’e a TV company, a marketing agency or an independent film maker. We’re here to collaborate with you.