DJI Inspire 2 for Aerial Video production
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So what’s RADAR all about?

RADAR is my brainchild. It’s a videography business based around the use of drones aimed at the ‘whole’ market in drone videography. Why is that I hear you ask? The reason is this:

The market is awash with professional operators who take pictures of building sites and make maps. I’m willing and capable of doing that, but it will be hard to compete in this market given that I don’t really have a background in it. What I am good at doing though is making films from the air. I’ve done a ton of practice, training and learning this year and I have come up with a couple of really decent products. Sure! I can improve, but one always can.

So how does this offering fit in to the market? What will I do for my customers?

Well, basically, my stuff is really good quality. Other people do good stuff too, but I think I can offer a really valuable product, better than average. I can deliver in professional quality if thats needed. I can stream. I can be creative. I know the law and my kit.

What I’ve noticed is that the market breaks down into three areas:

  • The top £1000+ per day organisations, who are amazing and do amazing work. Which you’d expect for that price.
  • The middle guys – the videographers and photographers who have a drone, but don’t really specialise in it, which includes a few who are risking it by operating without a license
  • The rest

There isn’t a lot on offer in the middle area, for businesses which would look great from the air, or for film makers who need a good aerial videographer but can’t access the ‘Top’ aka more established players. I want to bring it out for everyone.

I also want to work with charities and not for profits and thats an area I am interested in developing too.

Let’s wait and see how it goes!

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Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.