Corporate film is not just for Corporatations, that’s why it’s sometimes called business video or sometimes just professional video content. We work with clients large and small across the UK producing powerful corporate film. How can it help you?

Creating engagement with key markets is a daily ambition for your business.  You want exposure to your market. You want to communicate something about yourself without long reams of copy.

Your customers already probably know what it is you do: Do you make something? Market something? Move things? The key question they don’t know, is ‘who are you’? Are you going to answer their emails? Are you going to be easy to work with? Do you look professional? Corporate Video is one way of conveying conscious and subconscious information about your organisation to an audience. We’ve written an article about the conceptual process of visualising your value proposition here.

If you are wondering about the cost, check out the guide to costing in our blog.


Scottish and Southern Energy Networks called us asking for some corporate film. ‘Did you call because you want some aerial video of your new pylons using a drone?’ – ‘err…no actually…but that sounds great…!’ was the answer. So we popped along and made some aerial film, combined that with some more down to earth corporate film and hey presto!

Internal and external stakeholders were all thoroughly briefed on the progress of the NeSTS project! The worst part was having to leave the drone on the ground and go in a cherry picker…where angels fear to tread.

Ice Co Storage & Logistics

The Ice Co Storage and Logistics are a Pontefract based company who transport and store frozen goods around the country. They have a huge frozen storage facility which drops to -20 with moveable racking which allows them to make really efficient use of the space. We prepared this video for them to explain their services and show the expansion of the business and the impact it would have on their customers. It was shown at the ‘Greggs the Baker Conference in January 2019. You’ll see quite a bit of drone footage in this video, and we made full use of the capabilities of the DJI Mavic 2 pro to fly inside.

It was somewhat bracing making this particular film – everything was literally freezing during filming.

Sharpsmart UK

Sharpsmart UK are a multinational clinical waste handling business with thier UK headquarters in the North East of England. The little yellow sharps bins that you see in your Dr’s? That’s probably them.

But this isn’t a film about waste. It’s a film about people, product and purpose. Sharpsmart’s true value is in how they work together with their hospital partners to improve safety; Safety of staff and of patients. So that’s what we made the film about.

It’s aimed at helping the team demonstrate their services to grow thier business and it was a pleasure and a privilege to make this film. More work is planned in the coming 12 months with Sharpsmart.

This was a complex project shot over a variety of locations to showcase the vale proposition of the business

The Security Network

The Security commissioned a series of corporate and promotional films to showcase the various aspects of their work. We’ve been working with them for a while, to produce a range of corporate video to market their services to a variety of audiences – in this case, business owners.

Other work we’ve undertaken for them has been more directly targeted at the consumer market, especially with reference to their offering with residential security, as well as the agricultural market, where we made full use of our in house drone capability.

Crossfit Harrogate

(full film coming soon, social short above) Crossfit Harrogate are a small business customer. They wanted some corporate film, explaining what their real ‘value proposition’ was. Again, we went through this with them carefully and asked ‘what problem do you actually solve?’. The answer was ‘fitness for all!’

Our explainer video for Crossfit Harrogate is concentrated on accessibility.

We curated a testimonial video from a member who has undergone surgery for a medical issue. We answered the question ‘am I fit enough?;. We also, made it with a sort of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ aesthetic – the audience afterall were of that demographic.