Radar film creates product video to help businesses describe- and ultimately sell- their products. Product videos are a distinct discipline within video production, differing slightly within the corporate film genre, because they focus on one output of the production process.

Hansons Steel Buildings a Wakefield based manufacturer, contacted us and asked us to create some to help us sell their new steel building range. Here was our approach:

Product Video: Our Approach to Building Trust.

The brief with this project was to create a series of simple, professional product videos. We approached the project by firstly meeting with the Hansons team and discussing in depth what the actual benefits of the sheds are. The main points were that these sheds don’t suffer from rot and also have an anti condensation lining. They are generally more secure and come in a variety of sizes and colours.

Working closely with the marketing team, we worked out what the most asked questions concerning the sheds were and then decided – as always – why they wanted a product video (answer: to help customers understand the best parts of the shed) who the product video was for (consumers, predominantly men) where it was to be put (primarily it was to be embedded on the website). From this we decided that a video of between 90 seconds and 3 minutes would be acceptable for the task.

We decided these product videos could afford to be a little longer than usual because they were to explain the benefits of the product to an ‘engaged audience’ i.e. people who were already interested in the sheds. This was as opposed to taking a more ‘brand’ or ‘advertising’ focussed approach. We were trying to engender trust and understanding in the product. Giles Hanson did superb job in this respect. At the end of the day Giles’ name is on the brand so it felt appropriate for him to be on the product video itself.

Product Video: Outputs

The final product videos are embedded on the Hansons website, link above. We used Adobe After Effects to create a couple of little ‘flourishes’ to keep them engaging interesting.

As standard, we also produced 2 further short edits for social media deployment. These are around 15 seconds long each – the optimal length for catching attention on ‘constant scroll’ feeds on mobile devices. We divided these into two separate ‘social’ videos so that the marketing team could deploy them separately to customers who had shown interest in either sheds, or garages or both.