Drone Pilot Jobs in the UK: The Odd World of CAP 722

CAP 722 Drone Pilot Jobs UK

I’ve been thinking about the weird, contradictory world of the law that governs the use of drones recently. If you are going to do drone pilot training, you’ll learn a lot about the so called drone laws. The drone laws in the UK come from two sources; 1. The Air Navigation Order – which is a relatively straightforward piece of … Read More

Drones and Data Protection: Get Clued Up

Drones and Data Protection

Drones and Data protection This is a blog post about the responsibilities of drone operators in relation to personal information.¬†Drone pilots often obsess over things like pylons and airports but don’t consider the impact of drones and data protection. However, you need to know that if you film from a drone, the law sees the footage as being in a … Read More

New Drone Laws and Other White Elephants

New Drone Laws

Drone pilots! Unless you have been living in a cave, you will have noticed a clamour over the last year to introduce some new drone laws around unmanned air systems (UAS). In summer we heard about an idea to make folk register their drones. Yesterday, 27/11/2017 we were brought the news that owners of UAS over 225g will have to … Read More