TV advertising production company 

Advertising for businesses, agencies and TV; shot on the ground or in the air. Made with love in Yorkshire. 

In 2019 Radar Film was hired as a TV commercial production company a number of times for businesses in the Yorkshire area. If you sell direct to the consumer market, you should definitely consider using the TV as a way of advertising. Why not make your social media advertising broadcast safe?

It does not necessarily have to cost the earth. We’ve produced adverts for ‘linear’ – i.e ‘normal’ TV adverts on Sky, and we’ve also produced ‘Video On Demand’ TV adverts.  The production process and the cost of production itself does not vary, but with Video On Demand ads – at least on ITV – the cost is measured per 1000 impressions and it starts very reasonably. This puts TV advertising within your reach.

We’ve produced TV Adverts for specialist car garages, window companies, retails parks and also smaller local businesses. We’ve worked alongside ITV a fair bit in the recent past, but have also had adverts in the commercial break of sports matches on Sky too. Drop us a line if you would like to talk through the process or for a clearer idea of costing.

advantages of advertising on tv

There are various advantages of TV advertising. Firstly, at least on the ITV Hub with video on demand, the adverts cannot be skipped through. This does not mean that they are all watched, but unlike on Youtube or Facebook, the ad will actually play. All the way through.

The other advantage of TV Advertising is that it’s not possible to make claims which cannot be substantiated. On Facebook or social media it would be possible to take out an advert offering the moon for sale on a stick. No one would stop you. On the TV this is not the case. Whether it’s linear or ‘on demand’ all TV adverts are subjected to a rigorous process of checking and analysis. What this means is that your brand can be trusted more than those on Facebook who offer the moon on a stick.

We are increasingly encouraging our clients to consider using a ‘Video On Demand’ advert alongside their ‘social media’ advert. If done correctly there is a marginal extra expense involved but the advert itself could then potentially be used on the TV at any time. In the case of Video on Demand TV advertising, adverts can be targeted every bit in the same way as a social media advert.

video ad production

As a TV production company, Radar Film assumes the role of not only creating broadcast quality video, but also manages the administration process involved in ‘clearing’ and advert. The process for creating an advert generally works in three phases; Firstly there is the scripting and storyboarding phase. Once agreed, the script is uploaded to the clearcast platform where it is checked. Any substantiation is then requested in the form generally of a letter from the advertiser. Once cleared, the TV Advert is shot and roughly edited. Following this, it is once again uploaded for clearance. After this, it can be ‘mastered’ and the final cut is then uploaded one more time. During each of these processes, different technical requirements for the final exports are required, but as a production company we handle all this. Once it is finally cleared, the advert is then uploaded to whichever company requires it and the media space is bought…and then it is transmitted.

The process can take as little as ten days. In terms of cost – if you’re asking ‘how much is a TV commercial?’ the answer is  – it varies. Low cost TV advertising can start for as little as around £1500, but the cost can quickly rise once actors and crew are included. Drop us a line and we can talk you through it. It’s honestly not that difficult!

producing a tv commercial: Hiring the right company

Radar Film has created a range of medium and low cost TV advertising for Yorkshire businesses in the Yorkshire area. We’ve got the knowledge and the experience to guide you through the process in a way which will keep you involved at all the stages – if you want to be that is.  We also produce our drone video in house as an added bonus. Drop us a line today if you are looking at producing a TV commercial.


What we do:

We produce video content on behalf businesses, agencies and TV production companies in the Leeds and Yorkshire area from the air and the ground. We work for national brands and small businesses. We are fully licensed by the CAA to fly drones. We create corporate, social media and TV advertising assets as well as photography.

Our Mission is…
…to create financial or social prosperity through the use of video while having fun.

How we do this:

  • By listening to what you need and challenging what you think your value is
  • By getting you to think deeply about who you are and who your clients think you are
  • By doing the right thing
  • By encouraging our people
  • By buying our equipment from local shops and encouraging the use of local talent
  • By turning up on time and doing what we are asked to, professionally and safely.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.