Video Marketing: Social Media Video Production

With consumer engagement times as low as around 5 seconds, video marketing has got to be punchy and to the point. Radar Film has worked with a range of businesses, large and small making social media video to market products and services. These have ranged from advertising Ice, through the medium of milkshakes to delivering public health information about smoking, for cancer charities.

In general we always produce you a short version of your corporate film as a by product – once the project is edited and set up, social media video as a separate output is generally not much effort to create. It’s one of the ways we add value to your project.

However, we are increasingly being asked to make social media video as a standalone service. What it means is we can tailor different videos to different markets. It also means we can work fast and turn projects around in a matter of days.

Our social media video production service is fast, high quality and well considered. We create content which is stylish, relevant and ‘shareable’.


Some of the video footage we made for the Ice Co has been viewed over 27,000 times by a relevant audience.


This is a similar one we made for Crossfit Harrogate encapsulating some drone footage. Aerial video consistently delivers a high level of social engagement due to its inherent captivating quality. Contact us to chat about this if you like.

Yorkshire Cancer Research

This video we made for Yorkshire Cancer Research. This is a good example of complex information delivered simply – it was viewed over 10,000 times and shared 19 times by a relevant audience as part of a campaign around national no smoking day.

Sometimes companies want a regular stream of video content, for posting across social media platforms and regular engagement – we can do that too! Contact us for more information

Video Marketing: Social Media Video costs and strategies

When allied to an effective social media strategy, social media video can be the most engaging way of video marketing to your customer base. Some of our simplest videos have been the most effective – such as some of the work we have undertaken for the ice co – our latest effort has been shared over 400 times and viewed over 27,000.

However, the most important thing about your social media video is that it looks great, and that it fits into an overall engagement strategy.



It’s not about drones. It’s about seeing things differently.

Radar Aerial Videography is dedicated to providing aerial video for your company or production. Our offering is the provision of exceptional quality aerial material which will transform your project into something incredible. Our ambition is to provide access to aerial video for individuals and film makers of all types, whether your’e a TV company, a marketing agency or an independent film maker. We’re here to collaborate with you.