Social Media Video: Packages for Northern Businesses

If your’e looking for social media video to generate engagement with your brand, your’e in the right place. Our social media video has been viewed tens of thousands of times this year, and generated lots of cold enquiries. We design and shoot video content with your audience and your market at the forefront of our mind. We also know that you don’t always want to shoot the Lord of the Rings Trilogy; you want something with a professional look done fast.

We’ve created these video packages to match the typical sorts of requests that customers make of us. We’re aiming them at Northern businesses, but if you are from further afield, by all means give us a ring. We’ve made video content all over the UK.

‘I Just Want a Quick Bit Social Media Video’

The bad news is that there is no such thing! The good news is we can still help! You just want a banner video for your website or social media. You don’t want music, or sound, you don’t need a complex story board, you don’t want more than 30 seconds. You want to show a clip of something happening to give your site some sparkle and frankly your iPhone cinematography skills aren’t what they used to be. You’d get 3 hrs of time to shoot something you have already prepared and we can whip out and whip it back to you sharpish.

£300 + VAT – Contact Us

Social Media Video: The Talking Head

A fully edited talking head video, shot from 2 angles with professional sound. Recorded over a ‘short day’, edited over the remainder of the day and turned around quickly. Suitable for use in vlogs, internal communications or elsewhere on your website and social media. Subtitles can be added at extra cost. These generally last for about a minute in duration.

£400 + VAT – Contact Us

Social Media Impact Package

You know what you want, you don’t want to mess about! Your’e looking for someone to come out and shoot for you. This package covers the cost of two ‘short days’ to output a social media video, shot in one location to highlight some aspect of your business. The first day (3-5 hours in length) is to shoot the footage. The second is to edit and output a film of up to 90 seconds in length, including music. This is suitable for you if you are looking for professional quality video for high consumption marketing activities. This would work well for you if you are looking for something a little more involved than a simple testimonial video, but less complex than a full length corporate film. Think: recipies, a gym promo, a special offer.

£600 + VAT – Contact Us

I Just Want a Bit of Drone Video For My Website

We can’t really offer this as a package, because of the legal complexities around flying and creating drone video. Drone video options are priced on the risk factors involved in the flight itself. However, it’s here to let you know it’s possible and Radar Film and help you with it, just drop us a line and we can talk it through.

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