Hi we are Radar Film! We are a Harrogate/Leeds based professional video production company. Radar Film makes drone video using aerial cameras and other ‘normal’ cameras. We make films on behalf of our clients. Check out our home page for more information on who we are.

It’s likely that this link has been shared with you because we are coming to do some work near to you. Contact the organisation that shared this with you to find out the specifics. Here’s what we would like you to know:

Drone Video: Privacy and Data Protection
Radar Film, which is also known as Radar Aerial Videography complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We are a Leeds based professional video production company which gathers information using conventional cameras and ‘drones’.

Images gathered using conventional cameras for the purpose of film making are generally exempt from the regulations.

Information gathered from ‘drones’ is considered to be in a separate category under the Protection of Freedoms Act and you can find information on it here in Section 3 of the CCTV code:

The information we gather which falls within GDPR is aerial video from one of our drones. Within that category of aerial video, it is information which would lead to a ‘living individual being identified’ which falls within the meaning of GDPR. In practice this means pictures of people, or of things connected to people which could identify them. This might be your car parked at an address or something like that. It wouldn’t in general cover pictures of your house or land, but obviously we wouldn’t want to record the inside of your house or anything private going on. We apply general common sense.

Drone Video: Your Privacy
It is not always possible to let you know when you are being filmed by a drone, and often times it is not possible to identify you from the aerial footage either.

During filming our pilots keep the drone in their view at all times, and they are identifiable by high visibility clothing. So are our observers. When appropriate we put out notices on the ground, in the general area of the filming to let you know that filming is taking place.

We act on the instruction of our clients, and we share our drone footage with them. We also share our drone footage on social media – we try not to share images of people we don’t know, but that’s not always possible. Let us know if you want us to take something down.

We encourage our clients to share this web page across their social media platforms to let as many people know what we are doing prior to the task taking place.

We conduct filming on a task focussed basis – I.e we switch the aerial video / drone camera on and off at the appropriate times and take steps to only record information on the drone which are requested to do so, and then only if the request is lawful. Our policy is to restrict aerial video/ drone video to that which is needed for the task.

Please do approach us and speak to us once the drone is on the ground. We are very friendly and very keen to observe the law.

Requests for drone filming are considered on an individual basis and assessed as they are made.

Drone Video: General Legal Information
Chris Rawson is the data controller for Radar Film and he can be reached at

If you have a concern that you could be identified then don’t worry. Please send us a picture of yourself along with when and where you think you were recorded and payment of £10; we’ll have a look for you. If we find you, we’ll let you know

You’ve got rights under General Data Protection Regulations. Should you want to explore those rights then have a look at and get in contact with us.

Once we have conducted the filming, we transfer all the information to our clients. We continue to keep copies of the work on encrypted hard disks. We maintain those for the duration of the project and then they are deleted.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you with a quote or more information.