Business & Corporate Photography 

Photography for businesses and agencies; on the ground or in the air. Made with love in Yorkshire. 

Corporate & Event Photography

If you have an event which needs covering, or a moment which needs photographing professionally, look no further.

Construction Site Photography

Radar Film have been covering events as diverse as demolitions to Human factors testing trials for a number of years.

Corporate Photography

Our clients keep coming back to us, not only because of the quality of the images, but also because we are easy to work with and we can adapt to any situation.

Photography in the Workplace

Whether you want your photographs to look beautiful and artistic, or workmanlike, we can cover you.

Editorial Style Photography

Editorial photography, is the creation of an image where the image suggests a back story.

Editorial Photography with Model

It’s distinct from other types of photography because it is generally posed with a model, either a professional or a ‘real’ person.

Well Lit Editorial Photography

Well considered, well lit editorial photography can suggest a lot about your business or your product; it can suggest a use case, or what the true value of your offering is.

Covid Photography

We conduct editorial photography on behalf of a range of clients all over the UK; whether you are a large pharmaceutical company, or an international supplier of competition horse feed, we have you covered!

overhead photography

Interior Photography

If you are looking for an experienced interior photographer, Charlotte Gale delivers marketing and case study photographs which reflect the high quality of the brands she works with. You can view her portfolio and request a no obligation quote at:

Aerial & Drone Photography

Radar Film offer aerial and drone photography to our clients throughout the UK and abroad. Whether its in a city, at night, or out in the countryside we have a range of aerial drone photography options available, to suit your needs.

Aerial Photography

We can use a camera on board one of our drones with the ability to interchange lenses like a conventional DSLR enabling us to conduct aerial photography from a good ‘stand off’ distance. Our other drone is small, fast and quiet and can be used unobtrusively.

Drone Photography

Recent projects include property marketing in Yorkshire, construction and demolition projects and all over the UK. We specialise in creating stunning and creative aerial photography to best represent your brand.

Countryside Drone Photography

Check out our drone page to find out more details about our aerial video capabilities.

Splash & Creative Photography

We can create stunning photographs using our ‘splash’ set up to ‘freeze’ a split second. 

Splash Photography

We can also create tailor made stock images for your business to keep and use over time.

Fashion & Branding Photography

We created a series of photographs to help rugged sports brand ‘Block Wolf Fitness’ market their new sportswear range.

Fashion Photography

We created a series of photographs to help rugged sports brand ‘Block Wolf Fitness’ market their new sportswear range.

Brand Photography


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