Corporate Video

These days it’s not good enough to simply produce a 3 minute video about your business – we know it’s important to you to have a range of outputs to encourage cross platform engagement and we always factor that consideration into our conversations. Whether you are a gym, or a multinational we’ll go through your needs with care and in detail.

We know you want your film to find and communicate to an audience, and we’ll help tailor your film to the right audience. If it’s a social media platform you want to engage with, you need about 90 seconds maximum. If it’s on your website, 3 minutes is about right. If its a webinar or a specialist audience, the limits are longer. It’s not about time; it’s about engagement.

We know you might have a corporate communications strategy or a set of core values you want to reflect; we are happy to sit down with you in pre production and discuss how we can show these. We are also happy just having coffee – we believe in relationships and long term engagement.

Aerial Video and White Label Support

Anything we do could include aerial footage from one of our two drones. It’s a core part of what we do, not an add on. If you want us to provide simple aerial footage to your project on a white label basis that is absolutely fine too. We operate on standard CAA permissions. We already collaborate with a range of local partners in this way.

There’s a really strict set of regulations around aerial filming and it’s a curious mix of creativity and discipline. We have the training and we have the kit to work legally. if you want standalone aerial footage, we provide that or if you want a full aerial film we can do that too! Just let us know.

Check our our blog post on planning a drone shoot to give you some guidance

Professional event videography

Events and Live Streaming

Check out our cycling videos (like the one above) and obstacle course run videos in the portfolio. We have undertaken a range of projects in events videography and we are happy to talk to you about yours. We’ve also undertaken simple tasks like filming speeches and things like that.

We can live stream, send to broadcast vans and output a range of products for you at the end. Contact us to discuss your needs.

We can offer a range of other services to help too. We operate Premiere Pro 2018 CC and can edit your footage on a standalone basis if that’s what you need.
We price at our general day rate as we think that is right. Aerial video is not an extra, it’s part of the service. You get what is on the tin. Music is included in the price too.

Regular Social Media Production

We work with some clients to produce regular video content – if its a ‘talking head’ vlog you want, or if its a something more dynamic we are happy to help! We charge less per day with an ongoing commitment than for a one off video, so get in contact if that’s what you need.