We support the North’s leading digital content agencies and TV Production companies, such as ITN Productions and Wonder TV. We create drone video in the UK and abroad for national brands like Birdseye, M+S, Booths as well local business. Equipped with the latest drone video technology and a creative eye, Radar Film creates captivating drone video for national brands too. We’re capable of delivering drone video in 10bit Prores up to 5.2K if required. Based in the Harrogate/Leeds area of North Yorkshire Radar have made drone video all over the UK in active and controlled airspace and foreign legal regimes too. Creating stunning, broadcast standard drone video is a standard part of what we do for our own business customers too.

We can also make stunning high resolution images by conducting drone photography from on high.

In addition to aerial film, we make corporate film and social media video. We’re video production company first and foremost, but we provide aerial videography as a core part of our offering. If you are interested in the cost take a look at our blog post on cost. Likewise, take a look here if you are interested in the legal framework around it. Needless to say we are fully insured and qualified.

Drones aren’t the future of video production. They are the now.


Drone Video – It’s not about the drone

aerial filming and aerial photography of St. Johns Church Knaresborough

We created the aerial video for a number of TV projects, including prime time TV documentaries such as ‘Hometown’ and ‘Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer’. Working closely as a bridge between the production team we co-ordinated with local air traffic and Police to obtain footage taken in some tricky spots to reach.

We’ve filmed Vineyards in Portugal, Blackberries for M+S, Rally Cars travelling at high speed, building sites in Barnsley and factories in Bradford. We’ve created drone video all over the UK and abroad.

Aerial Filming: It’s About Seeing Things Differently


Aerial Filming isn’t all we do – but it’s a standard part of everything we offer. We don’t charge extra for it. We can create fully edited video content incorporating aerial videography at one price point. Drone video is not extra. That’s another thing which sets us apart – we are driven by the moving image, and it’s what our tag line really means – ‘Its not about the drone, it’s about seeing things differently’.

We’ve worked on or are currently working on projects for businesses large and small. We’ve got two multi national clients, Scottish and Southern Energy Networks, and also local businesses. We value business from every sector.

Aerial Video for Agencies

Aerial Film and aerial photography of New Pylon Tech

We’ve provided expert drone video support to the North’s leading digital agencies and TV production houses, such as Wonder TV and ITN Productions. We’ve been hired to produce aerial video for Birdseye and other leading UK brands too. We’ve made drone video all over the UK and have been hired abroad too.

Radar’s drone video is sought out because of it’s quality. We are re hired because we are great to work with and know the law thoroughly. We can plan drone video in complex environments and conduct ourselves professionally. We are proud of this. Integrity is our thing.

We are trusted and respected by our other media partners and are proud to help our clients work with their clients.

If you want to hire us for a project, get in contact via email. We can fly in pretty strong winds. We provide our official accreditation to you once we’ve been hired and you can download and keep it for your records. With proper planning we can also fly in most places, but there are limits and if you have an idea, then get in contact with us and have a chat.

Terms and Conditions – General:

  • We are active on social media. We use, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and we post to them regularly. Our presumption is that this is permitted, unless you specifically tell us otherwise
  • Full payment for all work is expected within 30 days of delivery for business customers
  • For consumer customers, full payment is requested prior to delivery. We expect to have to make edits to our work, it’s a perfectly reasonable thing to expect a customer to want.

Aerial imaging

  • Specific permission to land and take off with the drone is required. This is different to having permission to film. If we arrive onsite and are turned away because permission has not been granted, then you will be liable for the full cost of the shoot on that day.
  • All aerial tasks are subject to a go/no go decision the day before the task in undertaken. We can fly in winds of up to 20MPH, but we can’t get the drone wet because the batteries don’t like it. Obviously, this can’t be helped and obviously we won’t charge you for it!


Drone Video: Equipment and Optics

Our ‘go to’ for drone video is the Industry standard DJI Inspire 2 drone, which is equipped with the Xenmuse X5S camera. We can fly for 4x sets of around 20 minutes before needing to recharge. It’s possible to fly inside as well as outside – the drone is fitted with a range of collision sensors and will also ‘return to home’ if it loses connection for any reason.

The camera itself is a 4K, 60fps camera, and can shoot 1080p at 120fps too. We output .mov or .mp4 files. We can deliver in H264 or Pro Res 422 / 4444 up to 5K resolution.

Files can be output in a standard or a Log colour profile for grading later.

The camera itself is a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera with a wide dynamic range and interchangeable lenses (17mm F1.8, 14-42mm power zoom F3.5, 45mm). This gives the widest possible range of creative opportunities to grab the footage you want. It also means the drone can film things it wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed to get close to, where separation distances are required by law. The exposure can also be altered ‘in camera’ through manipulating the aperture, shutter speed or ISO like any other professional video or stills camera– this makes keeping the 180 shutter ratio possible when shooting video.

The camera is fully articulated on an underslung gimbal shown in the pictures above. Naturally it can be fitted with ND filters and a lens hood too

Drone Video: What’s the difference with this platform?

The main difference between this platform and the cheaper lesser drones (which are also really useful sometimes) is that the camera can be locked on to an object in the shot whilst the aircraft flies around it. This creates a smooth, cinematic image suitable for use in professional applications. That is not possible with a lower end drone. It also means that complex shots can be created with just one pilot, and this manages the cost of the shoot as well.

Unlike the smaller drones, we can also deliver footage in 10 bit Pro-Res 422 or 4444 in up to 5K. We work regularly for larger agencies, and we know the technical demands involved in editing footage for household names.

In addition to this, live monitoring via additional, attached HD screen is possible, so that the producer/director can effectively see how the shots are developing and give real time input to the pilot.

That is not to write off the effectiveness of some of the lower end drones – Radar film has made extensive use of lower end platforms where smaller or quieter drones are required, though our partnership with the ‘Drone Pilot Academy’.

Whether your’e looking to capture the beauty of the landscape, or you want a picture of your factory office or home, we can handle that for you. As stated above, our aerial camera is a fully professional camera with a variety of lenses. We can shoot RAW images and fully edit them using the Adobe suite of software if you need.

Drone Video: DJI Mavic 2

DJI Mavic 2 Aerial Video drone

We’ve been asked a lot of fly into and out of buildings, and also to fly around the inside of factories quite a lot and so rather than get a bigger drone, we got a smaller one!

We selected the Mavic 2 Pro because of its large sensor size, which enables good low light sensitivity and excellent control of the camera settings. It’s tidgy, has sensors all over it and can be fitted easily with propeller guards. It also has lights fitted to the underside and makes it great for use at night.

Don’t be deceived by its small size – the image quality is fantastic It enables us to go places we couldn’t go with the bigger drones and helps us meet the demands of the businesses we serve.

Aerial Video: Permission to fly at night

DJI Mavic 2 Aerial Video drone

Our Operations manual now covers us to complete operations at night; there are a few different factors involved in night operations.

In some circumstances this can actually be safer than operating in daylight because of the reduced amount of air and ground traffic. However night operations require more work during the day as a more stringent planning regime is in place. This means that a site survey is required in daylight hours and a member of staff needs to be on site during sunset to monitor any changes in the ‘risk picture’. Observers are more than likely to be required on every shoot and separation distances are increased to double what they would be during the day. We have dedicated the Mavic 2 drone for night operations, because it is fitted with lights, is small at 907grammes and can easily be fitted with propeller guards to increase safety as much as possible


It’s not about drones. It’s about seeing things differently.

Radar Aerial Videography is dedicated to providing aerial video for your company or production. Our offering is the provision of exceptional quality aerial material which will transform your project into something incredible. Our ambition is to provide access to aerial video for individuals and film makers of all types, whether your’e a TV company, a marketing agency or an independent film maker. We’re here to collaborate with you.


Aerial Photography:

Starting at £250 +VAT.